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haii im rex
he/him 14 gay boy

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media south park, moral orel, chainsaw man, banana fish, death note, hxh, soul eater, nana, madoka, kny, tbhk, mp100, cardcaptor sakura, girl from nowhere, ddlc, watamote, michiko and hatchin, lain, obey me, zombieland saga, daria, downtown mtv, 6teen, dork diaries, emily the strange, blue flag, great pretender, sanrio boys, umbrella academy, ohshc, stranger things, yttd, saiki k, bsd, black butler

misc rainbow loom, scene, emo, coding/css, kandi, pastel/bright colors, black, pink, red, blue, green, purple, cats, dogs, sharks, dinosaurs, penguins, pandas, hamsters, reading, sleeping, cute boys, skeletons, rainbows
collectionz belts, bows, hair clips, plushies, south park/sanrio, manga

music mcr, ptv, girls rituals, mommy long legs, sloppy jane, kuromi, sunday cruise, meth wax, babymetal, avril lavigne, millionaires, gorillaz, nirvana, fob, wych elm, jack off jill, bikini kill, sleater-kinney, sleeping with sirens, taking back sunday, escape the fate, sunny day real estate, deftones, ke$ha, heart shaped hate, good charlotte, ghost town, paramore, the used, hawthorne heights, lady gaga, all time low, doja cat

yuck!! school, teacherz, country music, ppl that apply to my dni, being made fun of/judged 4 being myself, msi, bo burnham, ybc, killing stalking, dsmp, danron, jschlatt and more (ask)

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mello, leorio, simeon, mammon, dtk, kaworu, aki, angel devil, denji, ash lynx, mizuno yuu, shin from nana, sanemi, giyuu, obanai
+ like every south park/moral orel character lol

ask for switch/3ds friend codes !!
i am open to any scene/emo music recs :p give me any!!

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pro life/anti-abortion
nonblack and use the n slur
believe in reverse racism/cisphobia/etc
like dsmp, jschlat, or ybc